Some selected interviews here…

Interview about The Cuban Hustle on ROROTOKO

Interview with Alejandra Bronfman about The Cuban Hustle on New Books Network

Interview about The economics and social costs of Covid-19 for Race in Society

Interviewed on 5 questions about teaching, A Correction Podcast

Cited in article about Cuba in Harvard Political Review

Interviewed for an article about the novel American Dirt on ABC Australia

On a podcast about the experiences of women of color in the workplace. Ladies We Need to Talk, ABC Australia

Interview on What’s Next for Cuba? on A Correction Podcast

Interview about US-sponsored coup attempt in Venezuela with Linda Mottram on ABC News show PM

Interview about US sanctions on Cuba on The Wire Radio

Interviewed on a piece about women in hip hop on ABC’s The Mix, Episode 6/4/2019, begins at 6.57.

Interview about US intervention in Venezuela on SBS News

Interview about US intervention in Venezuela on Radio National

Interview about Curated Stories on The Rob Kall Bottom Up Show: video interview and podcast

Interview with Isel Cuapio about Curated Stories on KVCR

Interview with Brian Edwards-Tiekert about Curated Stories on UpFront KPFA

Interview with Jack Lule about Curated Stories on WDIY

Interview with Sylvanna Falcon about Curated Stories on KZSC

Interview about how Trump’s Cold War politics are affecting ordinary Cubans on The Real News Network

Interview about crisis in Venezuela on Radio National

Cited in an article by Don Pittman on the Venezuelan economy on CBC news

Cited in an article on Venezuela by Greg Grandin in The Nation

Interview about global hip hop with French outlet Africultures

Interview about Fidel Castro’s passing on The Wire

Interview about nostalgia in politics on Radio National’s The Drawing Room

Interview on “One to One” with host Sheryl McCarthy

Interview about the Weekly Packet in Cuba for CBC Radio

Interview about Obama’s visit to Cuba on WMNF

Interview about Obama’s visit to Cuba on The Rick Smith Show

Interview about Telecommunications and the Internet in Cuba on The Real News

Interview about Cuba-US relations on Independent Sources, CUNY TV

Interview about US-Cuba thaw on Upfront KPFA

Cited in Slate magazine article about Cuban hip hop

Interviewed about Cuba and Hip Hop by Wilkine Brutus for Oogeewoogee, Part I and Part II

Interviewed by Toby Miller for Cultural Studies podcast

Interview about Venezuela on Upfront KPFA

Cited in article on Venezuela by Greg Grandin in The Nation

Interview about USAID’s Cuban rap strategy on Latin Pulse

Interview about immigration reform and the GOP on The Real News

Interview on CBC’s Spark with Nora Young about Cuba’s underground alternative to the internet

Interview about Cuba on The Real News

Interview about Obama’s Cuban policy announcement on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, MSNBC:
What will opening the door to cuba lead to?
Cuba thaw a win for American capitalism
What Cuba means for 2016

Cited by Mauricio Guerrero on Obama’s Cuban policy announcement in Notimex

Interview about Obama’s Cuban policy announcement on the Julianna Forlano Show, WBAI

Interview about USAID and Cuban rappers with Christy Thornton on WBAI

Cited by Elias Groll on USAID and Cuban rappers in Foreign Policy article

Featured in video: JustPublics @ 365

Featured in video: Graduate Center Experts on Immigration: Discussion on Reform

Interview about City Council Bill to provide voting rights to non citizens on NY1’s “Road to City Hall”

Interview about the US embargo against Cuba on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show

Cited by Whitney Eulich in Christian Science Monitor article about barrio women and the Venezuelan elections

Interview about Venezuelan elections on NY1’s Pura Politica

Interview about Venezuela on MSNBC’s UP with Chris Hayes

Interview about Venezuela on NTN24

Interview about Venezuela with Russia Today TV network

Cited by Chris Kraul in LA Times article on Venezuela

Interview about Venezuela on KPFA’s Davey-D Show

Interview about Venezuela with San Francisco Public Radio station KALW

Cited by Christopher Arsenault in Al Jazeera English article on Venezuela

Interview on NPR’s “The Takeaway” about global hip hop

Interview about Close to the Edge on the Marc Steiner Show

Personal profile and interview in Indian Link

Interview about Close to the Edge on ABC’s Radio National

Interview about Close to the Edge with Amoeba Music Website

Cited by Dan Berrett in The Chronicle of Higher Education article on hip hop and teaching

Interview about Close to the Edge on The Michael Eric Dyson Show

Interview about Close to the Edge with Boston radio TRGGR Radio 91.1FM

Interview about Close to the Edge with Texas Public Radio station KERA

“Hip-Hop, Global Culture, and Doughnuts.” Interview with Chicago’s Doughnut Vault

Article about Close to the Edge in New York’s Daily News

Interview with Michael Ratner and Michael Smith about Who Can Stop the Drums?, Law and Disorder Radio, WBAI, August 2010.

Video and print interview about Cuban hip hop with Nicole Velasco for Frank 151 magazine

Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar on KPFK’s Uprising Radio about Who Can Stop the Drums?, June 2010.

Who Can Stop the Drums? cited in New York Times article by Simon Romero, “Artists Embellish Walls with Political Visions,” April 11, 2010.

Cited by Christine Armario in CBS News article, “Cuban Salsa Band, Los Van Van Plays Miami,” February 4, 2010.

Interview with Laura Flanders on GRITtv regarding Honduras Coup and Latin America, December 2009.

Interview with Martin Savidge on Worldfocus, online radio show regarding Chávez and Venezuelan politics, February 2009.

Interview with Laura Flanders on GRITtv regarding US/Venezuela conflict, September 2008.

Interview with Against the Grain on KPFA about Venezuela, 2007.

Report by Brooke O’Neill about Cuba Represent! in The University of Chicago Magazine. “Cuban Crescendo: Young rappers raise their voices – and Castro’s government listens,” Mar/Apr ’07, Volume 99, Issue 4.

Interview with The Story on American Public Radio about Cuba Represent!, January 2007

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